What are some New Year’s Resolutions that are popular for 2021?


New Year's Resolutions from 2020 to 2021 coming up with new ideas for resolutions

Making a New Year’s Resolution from 2020 to 2021


What are some New Year’s Resolutions that are popular for 2021?  Ideas for 2021 from  For many, starting the new year with a New Year’s Resolution to create now offers a fresh start, especially living in 2020…a time of COVID-19.  It began in ancient times, around 2000 B.C. where the Babylonians, adopted by the Romans were celebrating in their 12-day festival that they referred to as Akitu (beginning of the vernal equinox).  The start of farming season to plant new crops, crown a king and make commitments to pay off their current and old debt.  During those times, a common resolution would be to return borrowed farm equipment.

The timing of the New Year was eventually adjusted on the Julian Calendar in 46 B.C. which declared January 1st the start of the new year.  January was named for the two-faced Roman God by the name of Janus (the guardian of gates and doors) who looked forward to beginnings and backward on reflection and resolution.  The Romans offered many sacrifices to Janus to make changes with good behavior in the year ahead of them.  One good question that might come about is, why the people were willing to make all of these changes for the God who presided over the temple of peace that were opened during wartime?  Was this place safety so important that the people felt that making a new year’s resolution to please him and others would do more good in the world?

During the Middle Ages, they were made by Medieval knights who would renew their vow to chivalry by placing their hands on a peacock which they called the Peacock Vow.  This was done every year as a resolution to continue their knighthood values.  During the 17th century, New Year’s resolutions were common where many people found humor in making and breaking their pledges, which continues on today.

Even though they continue in the United States, the type of resolutions have changed.  During the earlier 1900’s, resolutions were considered more religious and spiritual, where one works to increase on better moral character, stronger work ethic and more restrain in earthly pleasures.  Where as today, you could find people making resolutions on self-improvement, losing weight and moral character appearing that today’s resolutions are focused more on a reflection of responsibility, self-discipline, financial wealth and even status.  So, it’s not much different from where it began.

Resolutions gained from a Gallup Poll in 1947 consisted of weight loss or gain, taking more responsibility in home life, health, do a better job, go to Church more often, speak to God more, drink less alcohol, save more money stop smoking, improve on character, control temper and to be more understanding.  Where as today’s resolutions consist of losing weight, spending more time with family, finding the right love, becoming more organized, save more money, help others to fulfill their dreams, quit smoking, quit drinking, spend less money, enjoy quality of life, learn new things and stay fit.

Making a commitment for change should be a firm decision to do something or not to do it.  If the word resolution sounds or looks to big to achieve, use words like intention or small goal.  Coming into the New Year isn’t a miracle change that happens right away.  It’s about recognizing certain behaviors and making lifestyle changes one step at a time.  More people do succeed at New Year’s resolutions than you might think!  What are some New Year’s Resolutions that are popular for 2021?  Good luck with the New Year.

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